Monday, April 12, 2010

An experiment...

Truthfully, I'm not actually that new to Chicago anymore. I moved here almost four years ago; a realization I had just this weekend. A realization that led me to conclude that I have been wasting time, not fully exploring all this city has to offer.

When I was in high school, a tiny part of me imagined that some day I would be a photographer. It's been years since I spent any time in the dark room (freshman year of college I believe - Go Badgers) but a few months ago I got a fabulous new camera and have been rediscovering the joy.

Earlier this year I watched Julie and Julia, as did thousands and thousands of others I realize, but I thought it was fun. The idea of following someone on a trivial but charming personal quest intrigued me.

So, welcome to my experiment. These three things have led me to this. I've decided to create a blog detailing my adventures in Chicago. Starting May 1st, my four year anniversary, I'm going to do something new/ go somewhere new/see something new every day for a year and share it with all of you.

Who 'you' are remains to be seen as I have yet to share this little brainstorm of mine with anyone I know and have absolutely no idea how to go about promoting a blog. If I even want to promote the blog...I should probably figure out how to add photos first...

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