Sunday, June 13, 2010

Deal with my going. - Buffy

My grandfather loved Twins baseball.  I have so many memories of listening to the games on some crappy old radio.  Really, my whole family loves baseball.  When I was a kid there were a couple years when my mom and I had season tickets to the Twins.  Those were fun.  I caught a foul ball once that Kent Hrbek hit.  That was cool.   The major complaint of most baseball fans, at least most Minnesota baseball fans, is the Metrodome.  I kinda love the Dome - my high school football team played in the state playoffs in the Dome.  I once got to watch a Gopher-Badger game from one of the sky-boxes at the Dome.  I mean, I have a lot of quality memories of the Metrodome.  But apparently, it's not great for baseball - the ball gets lost in the ceiling.  And - here's the big one - it's inside.  Baseball is better outside.

Or so I'm told.  This summer Minnesota fans everywhere rejoice with the opening of Target Field - the new home of the Minnesota Twins.  Finally!  An outdoor stadium for baseball in Minnesota.

My uncle Brian has been living in Georgia, just outside of Atlanta for years now.  Long enough to become a Braves fan.  A defection that seems to have been more readily accepted by the family than my allegiance to the Green Bay Packers.  Maybe because I'm closer so get home a bit more often...time with Brian is too precious to spend it bickering over sports teams.  Or not.  Who knows?  But all this has led us to today.  The Braves versus the Twins in the new OUTDOOR Target Field and we're all going.

All of us.  My uncle Brian flew up for the game (he's bravely, or stupidly, wearing a Braves t-shirt).  I hopped a plane first thing this morning.  My mom, grandma, uncle Brad, aunt Stacey (she's stacey anne, i'm stacey lynn - it's confusing for newcomers.  but not as confusing as the three brians.  oy.), cousins Whitney, Paige, and Jordan, Jordan's girlfriend Kaitlynn, cousin Sarah and aunt Kathy. 

Half the family picks me up at the airport.  The first thing I note is the fact that despite the sunshine I left in Chicago, here it is raining.  And according to on my handy dandy lilacberry it's going to continue to 'shower' All.  Day.  Long.  Awesome.  Who's missing the Dome now?  Huh?

Oh well.  We meet the other half of the family outside the entrance.  We've decided to get there early for two reasons.  First, because we want to explore the new stadium.  Second, apparently they're handing out straw cowboy hats to the first thousand fans for some reason or other.  I donate my hat to one of the family not in attendance, my cousin Lisa's little boy and my godson Terran.  But it is drizzling so I buy a baseball cap.  Go Twins!

Check out some of the action from the game!

And some of my family!

Aunt Kathy.

Uncles Brad and Brian

Aunt Stacey

Grandma - still cute.

Cousin Paige.  She's going to love this.

Despite the weather, we have a blast.  Sadly the Twins lose (boo hiss).  But the new stadium is pretty cool and we do it right - brats, beer, peanuts. 

The next day I head over to Maple Grove to see my dad, stepmom, brother and sister.  Monday I attend a couple of campaign events in Wisconsin for work but before I fly out Monday night, my mom and I stop at Carlos O'Kelly, where my cousin Jordan is now working, and let him wait on us.  Fun.

Oh, Land of 10,000 Lakes.  I still love you.

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