Monday, June 14, 2010

Gotta respect the drive-by. - Oz

So, today I'm heading from the Twin Cities to Eau Claire to La Crosse to Rochester to the airport so I can fly home to Chicago.

Why? you may ask, because that sounds a tad ridiculous.  Well, because this week we're kicking off a series of press events to raise awareness and support for more public transportation, specifically more high speed rail in the Midwest.  And we have events today in Eau Claire and La Crosse. 

The press events go well (enough) and I manage to take 45 minutes to explore the riverfront in La Crosse.


Now, here's little history on the La Crosse and the Riverside International Friendship Gardens (which we manage to stumble upon). 

La Crosse is in southwest Wisconsin, right along the Mississippi River and the border with Minnesota.  In my opinion, this is one of the prettier parts of Wisconsin.  I like the bluffs.  La Crosse was named (back in the day) by Lt Zebulon Pike because he saw a group of Native Americans playing a game with sticks that reminded him of la crosse from his home continent.  Crazy huh?  Wikipedia coming through again!  Explains this sculpture in the park though.  I was wondering.

Did you know La Crosse was the original home of Kwik Trip?  huh.  And in 2007 La Crosse's tap water won the 'Best Tasting Natural Water' Award.  There was a taste competition and everything.

More pictures from the riverfront:

The Riverside International Friendship Gardens are pretty cool.  Different parts of the garden represent different international 'sister' cities of La Crosse.  So there's a Russian Garden, a Chinese Garden, a French Garden, etc.   I think my favorite was the Chinese Garden - big surprise.

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