Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm a rebel. - Willow

 326 Days to go: 310 Things to Do: Day 31 in Chicago

56. Lunch at Plymouth's Rooftop

Mary Grace is in the office today!  Yay!  So we decide to grab some lunch. 

Plymouth's 327 S Plymouth Ct is one of the first places I discovered when I moved to Chicago.  When the weather is nice they have an excellent covered rooftop with full bar and menu, but there's also a bar in the basement with excellent happy hours - free appetizers!  And it's wicked close to the office.

I've never actually gone for lunch, but the rooftop is always crowded.  I order one of their signature salads and a margarita.  The view isn't the best - most of the rooftop overlooks a parking garage next door, although the Harold Washington Library is right there.  And during the summer, they have a mist machine that constantly sprays which keeps  you cool, but I thought the constant misting was a little extreme.

325 Days to go: 309 Things to Do: 31 Days in Chicago = 30 new experiences

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