Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A girl can't read that sort of thing without her lipstick. - Holly Golightly

313 Days to Go: 299 Things to Do: Day 41 in Chicago

67.  Movies in the Park

This morning on my walk to work I saw a stencil behind a bus stop bench  "the secrets of the world are whispered".  I liked it.

I had plans for my daily adventure, but as so often happens they got derailed.  Good thing I'm flexible.  Luckily, when I frantically turn to metromix in order to find a replacement option I find Movies in the Park. To be fair, I have attended Movies in the Park - despite all the other Chicago staples I've ignored until now, movies are not one of them.  In fact, I LOVE Movies in the Park.  It's outside.  I'm a big fan of movies.  They have free popcorn.  And the Chicago Parks District organizes twenty a week, or some insane number like that, during the summer.  Reason 487 why Chicago is awesome (especially in the summer).  

And tonight, it's not just any movie.  It's Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Oh.  My.  God.

Here's my general tip for enjoying Movies in the Park.  Get there early.  Especially at the parks closer to downtown.  This ensures you can get a good seat AND some of the free popcorn.

Cairo is not as convinced of this rule as me, so we arrive only 15 minutes before the show is about to start.  And have a rough time finding a place to sit.  I've never been to Erie Park before, I've walked by, but never hung out.  It's a tricky landscape for a movie.  There's a giant hill in the middle of the park, so lots of seating that has an obstructed view.  Our first location is in some weird sound black hole, because we can barely hear and are about to give up when Cairo discovers another nook for us to sneak in to.

And the rest of the night is glorious.  Beautiful weather.  Excellent movie.  Superior soundtrack.

I do love that movie.  Tragically, however, I had no idea it was a book until this entry.  How did I miss that?

Another thing I didn't know - the song, Moon River, was written for the movie.  Nice work.

312 Days to Go: 298 Things to Do: 41 Days in Chicago = 38 new experiences

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