Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hey look at us. We came up with a plan. It's a good plan. - Buffy

353 Days to go: 346 Things to Do: Day 9 in Chicago

20. Happy Hour at The Kerryman

We did, we did, we DID come up with a plan. Earlier this week I proposed, in addition to our weekly brunch dates AND in order to help me do something new, that we also do a weekly Happy Hour. We started tonight at The Kerryman 661 N Clark St, an Irish bar and restaurant that has an abundance of outdoor seating. And since the clouds broke just an hour or so before we left our offices, it seemed meant to be.

Our waiter was adorable and filled us in on the specials right away. Decent specials - various beers at $2 or $3 a pint, $4 vodka drinks, $6 cosmos. The five of us all settled on cosmos, which inevitably led us to discussions of Sex and the City. One of my good friends, Mary Grace (who, despite the fact that we work in the same office I hadn't seen in probably a month) is hosting a Sex and the City party to celebrate the release of the second movie. She also hosted a party when the first movie came out - I was SATC Trivia MVP. I won a prize and everything. This probably would be more impressive if there had been more than four teams and one of the teams hadn't consisted of four men who had never actually watched the show. But whatever. I won a prize.

Speaking of Sex and the City, I'm firmly Team Aidan. Although, really, I think the series should have finished with Carrie single. Mr. Big blows.

352 Days to go: 345 Things to Do: 9 Days in Chicago = 12 new experiences

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