Sunday, May 9, 2010

Let's revel in your extreme lack of priorities. - Xander

357 Days to go: 353 Things to Do: Day 5 in Chicago

13. Brunch at LOKal
14. Pedicures at Sunny Nail
15. Massages at Chicago Touch
16. Dinner at Butterfly Sushi

So this morning the Blue Line Brunch Blog girls, and a couple friends from out of town, meet up at LOKal 1904 W North for our weekly brunch date. Each week we try to go to a new spot for brunch (helpful on my quest) but this place has been chosen because they serve BOTTOMLESS mimosas for $7. BOTTOMLESS. First, I love mimosas. Half of our crew are Bloody Mary fans, half mimosa. LOKal also has bottomless Bloody Marys, but as I am part of the mimosa half, I don't really care. To me, champagne and orange juice is combining two great things to make something even better. Like chocolate and peanut butter. Second, despite an extensive debate in the cab ride home last night about what time we're meeting for brunch, somehow we all thought we'd agreed on a different time and despite the roommate and I arriving (we think) five minutes early, we're still the last ones there. Lindsay and Stephanie are two mimosas ahead of us.
In addition to the mimosas I also order the Nutella - which is basically french toast with bananas, slathered in nutella, and covered with some kind of strawberry sauce - and a side of sausage. We're all a tad tipsy when brunch is over. In addition to being bottomless, the waitstaff don't make you wait. The mimosas arrive at our table with pleasant regularity.

Fighting the urge to go home and take a nap, Allison (the roommate) and I instead decide to find a place to get pedicures. Usually, I get pedis by the office, so finding a place in Wicker Park is a fun new first. Happily, we find Sunny Nails 1310 N Milwaukee, just a few short blocks away.

After our pedicures as we're on our way home I suggest massages. Chicago Touch is just two blocks away and offers affordable massages for Chicago's overworked and underpaid. Or something like that. Whatever - they're awesome. Feeling nice and relaxed, we finish the night with Butterfly Sushi 1421 W Chicago (our favorite neighborhood sushi place) and the movie Crazy Heart.

356 Days to go: 349 Things to Do: 5 Days in Chicago = 11 new experiences

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