Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm a great cook. In theory. I've eaten alot. Buffy

342 Days to go: 329 Things to Do: Day 18 in Chicago

37. Lunch at The Plaza at Park Grill

I have eaten a lot.  But I don't cook, not really.  Sometimes I think about learning.  To cook, I mean.  But then I decide to make popcorn.  Or eat some cheese.  I like cheese.

Willow:  She likes cheese.
Riley:  Huh?
Willow:  Well, I'm not saying it's the key to her heart or anything, but Buffy, she likes cheese.

It's Burger Fest this week at The Plaza at Park Grill 11 N Michigan and I manage to convince Mary Grace to accompany me for lunch.  The Plaza is the largest al fresco dining location in the city.  And during the summer they have live music Thursday nights.  There's also indoor seating (The Park Grill) but I'm saving that for when the weather isn't gorgeous.  You know.  In January.  Oh!  Maybe we'll go for my birthday.  Go Capricorns.

But back to the burgers.  These were some excellent burgers.  MG and I ordered two and split them because neither of us could decide.  We shared the dry aged burger (w smoked aged gouda) and the grilled turkey burger (w guava bbq sauce).  Burger Fest is through Sunday - get there quick!

341 Days to go: 328 Things to Do: 18 Days in Chicago = 25 new experiences

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