Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm starting to think this working hard, is hard work. - Buffy

356 Days to go: 349 Things to Do: Day 6 in Chicago

17. Green Grocer

I definitely need a better plan.

I'm feeling a little behind on my workload but I'm IN Chicago! Maybe for the whole week! I need new things! But, today I decided I've got a bit too much to do and...I definitely need a better plan.

In that vein I decide to take the easy way out and not go out tonight - instead come up with a better plan for the new adventures the rest of the week. Which I do. But it does involve me *gasp* getting up early. I am not what you would call a morning person. The sacrifices I will make...

I do decide to get off the el early on my way home and make a pitstop at the Green Grocer 1402 W Grand.

The Green Grocer is a neighborhood grocery store that stocks its shelves with local and organic foods. I learned about it when it first opened because a good friend of mine lived two short blocks away (before he moved to Boston a year ago. i have yet to forgive this desertion.) The staff is ridiculously friendly and upbeat. While you can't really do your grocery shopping for the entire week there, the food you do get is delicious and guilt-free. My two favorite items - the Pesto Cheddar Cheese from Otter Creek and Nicole's Divine Crackers (they're all amazingly tasty but the fire ones are my favorite, followed closely by the salt and then the lavender. i'm still shocked by how good things taste when you add lavender). And inevitably while you're there you will overhear at least one conversation on food politics. Today it was about Monsanto.

Nicole's crackers are also made right here in Chicago - a fact that I intend to take full advantage of before the year is out.

355 Days to go: 348 Things to Do: 6 Days in Chicago = 11 new experiences

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