Thursday, May 27, 2010

Well. This is just...neat. - Spike

340 Days to go: 326 Things to Do: Day 20 in Chicago

40. Drinks at the Terrace at Trump

The Terrace at Trump 401 N Wabash opened a little less than a year ago. I'm a big fan. The cocktails are, in my opinion, outrageously expensive. But you're really paying for the view which is, also in my opinion, the best in the city and totally worth it. I think I would have loved this place anyway, but it was helped by my first visit. The waiter was ridiculously adorable and without prompting quoted a line from Ghostbusters ("cross the streams"). I was also with a large group and we switched tables mid drink; during the transfer the (different) waiter spilled my drink so the manager gave us the whole round for free. And replaced my drink. Which was yummy.

Tonight there was just three of us, me, Fitz, and our friend Jenny. Jenny's a teacher. Excellent stories.

Yes.  That is a flower in my drink.  And (tip) NOT sugar on the rim.  Cayenne. 

The view is incredible. The Terrace is sixteen stories above the Chicago River and looks on as it meets Lake Michigan. And if that's not breathtaking enough the architecture in this part of the city is some of its best - The Tribune Tower, The Wrigley Building, Hotel 71 (which I think is where Bruce Wayne lived in Dark Knight while Wayne Manor was being rebuilt) to name a few. Well, and the Trump building itself is pretty cool.

339 Days to go: 325 Things to Do: 20 Days in Chicago = 27 new experiences

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