Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yes. Date. And shop. And hang out and go to school. And save the world from unspeakable demons. You know, I want to do girly stuff. - Buffy

355 Days to go: 348 Things to Do: Day 7 in Chicago

18. Martinis and Manicures at Beauty Bar
19. Bella's pizza

Well, my detailed schedule went a little off script today. Mainly because of a glitch at work that kept me there until 9 tonight. But my friend Stephanie was leaving at the same time and as we were on the way home, I managed to persuade her we should stick with our original plan, even though it was 3 hours late, and go to the Beauty Bar.

Luckily, it's not hard to convince Steph to get a manicure and a martini and that is just what the Beauty Bar 1444 W Chicago offers. Relatively new to the West Town neighborhood - I already love this place. Its old school beauty salon shtick and decor is irresistible . The seats have hair dryers attached. The walls are covered in glitter. Even the bathroom has photos of old 60's era hair styles on the walls.

You can get a martini and a manicure for $10. Ten dollars! You pay $10 for either of those things separately! And it's a deal they offer EVERY NIGHT. The martinis stick with the theme; you can order a Perm, a Platinum, or a Redhead (i had two). And while you sip, the friendly technicians will pamper your nails. My one tip? Make sure to go to the bathroom BEFORE you sit down for the manicure.... We all learn these things the hard way. Well, maybe now you won't have to.

Oh, and if all that wasn't enough to keep me coming back? The DJ plays awesome, fun music - ranging from Guns n Roses Paradise City, to Coolio's Gangster Paradise, to I Could Never Be Your Woman by White Town and additional fabulous 80's songs - in a large pink and glitter room off the back of the bar. With a giant disco ball. I enjoy sparkly things.

After the nails dried and martinis were gone, I stopped at Bella's 658 N Ashland for a slice of pizza and headed home. Perfectly content with my girly evening.

Oh! Also, Stephanie and I set a goal - 40 followers by the end of May.

354 Days to go: 346 Things to Do: 7 Days in Chicago = 11 new experiences

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