Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hootenanny. Chock full of hoot - just a little bit of nanny. - Oz

337 Days to go: 320 Things to Do: Day 23 in Chicago

46. BBQ with friends
47. Karaoke at Innjoy
48. Dancing at Club Foot

Things I learned today?  The correct way to spell hootenanny.  The fact that 'hootenanny' is an old Appalachian colloquialism.  And people who helped popularize it include Woodie Guthrie and Pete Seeger.

Things I did today?  Three letters.  B.B.and Q.

Eventually I'm able to move off the couch and drag myself the15 minutes it takes me to walk to LuCinda's where she and her roommate are hosting a Memorial Day barbecue. 

I'm about four hours behind everyone else, which means I'm just in time for Round Two!  Lovely.  Twenty minutes after I arrive the grill is re-ignited and a fresh round of burgers and hot dogs are passed around.  The weather is perfect so we sit on her back porch, eating, drinking (not me, not so much), and playing Catch Phrase.  Badly.  We play Catch Phrase badly.  Nobody is paying that much attention.  And nobody cares about the score, so we don't even bother keeping track.

Around nine we decide to go back to Innjoy 2051 W Division, the site of our 'double dutch' triumph the night before.  Although there are rumors of karaoke.  The bouncer remembers us from the night before.  I'm a bit sheepish when I enter, but get over it when I see the rumors are TRUE.  Karaoke.

Okay, so here's my theory on karaoke.  I believe it to be 80% song choice and 20% enthusiasm.  Talent is irrelevant.  At least with a good crowd.  And I am nothing if not good at creating a 'good crowd'.  I rarely sing.  But I'm all about crowd support.  Everyone likes to be cheered.

Innjoy is one of those places that I always enjoy (heh.  no pun intended) when I'm there and think I should spend more time at, but then kind of forget.  But they always have fun entertainment.  Other nights I've gone to rock and roll bingo, dancing, now karaoke.  And its kitchen is open late - the mac and cheese is quite good.  It comes in a crock.

After a couple hours we decide we do want to go dancing so we relocate to Club Foot 1824 W Augusta.  Club Foot is a spectacular dive bar with great music and cheap cheap beer.  And a Tetris video game that's only a quarter a person.  Which I play every time I go; I love the little Russian dancers who celebrate when you move to the next level.  I'm also very good at Tetris which has manifested practically in my life giving me superior packing abilities. 

Club Foot is traditionally where I spend New Years Eve in Chicago.  In addition to good music and cheap drinks and a Tetris game, there is also a pool table in the back; just when you start to get hungry and think about a late night snack the tamale guys comes in (yummy); the whole place is decorated with the most amazing kitschy paraphernalia - you could stay occupied just staring at the walls and ceiling.  Love it.

One more day of weekend.  Thank god.

336 Days to go: 317 Things to Do: 23 Days in Chicago = 27 new experiences

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