Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stranded at the drive in...Branded a fool...What will they say...Monday at school? - Danny Zuko, Grease

359 Days to go: 355 Things to Do: Day in Limbo

My best friend in Jr. High and High School LOVED the movie Grease. So much so, that every time, EVERY time she spent the night we would have to watch it. Well, either that or Dream a Little Dream with the Coreys. (Razor sharp, Keller, razor sharp)

So this morning I got up at 4:30 to hop on a shuttle bound for the airport. The first leg of my journey went off without a hitch but upon landing at the Detroit airport my handy dandy little blackberry (which incidentally is not black but lilac. purple. my last phone was orange) informed me that my connection to Chicago was canceled. Thunderstorms.

I head to the rebooking station where I'm informed I am 'lucky' because I'm already confirmed on the 3:30 flight to Minneapolis and from there will catch a connection to Chicago, landing at 6:30. Six and a half hours to kill at the Detroit airport. But they gave me two food vouchers for a total of $12 so it's all good. That was sarcasm. If by mean...still ANNOYING.

Thankfully over the past year I have discovered that airport bars are excellent places to hang out. Some of my favorite places actually. I went and got a mimosa.

Fun tidbit on the Detroit airport - around gate A40 there is a very loud family of birds that hate the passenger tram and go crazy squawking every time it goes by. Which is every 5 minutes. Thanks to the mimosa I found it more entertaining than irritating.

Maybe I'll write a book. (these are the things that occur to me after a mimosa and a half)

Mike Tyson is on The View. huh.

Oh no. They turned on Jerry Springer. Whew. False alarm. Channel immediately changed to ESPN.

Now, who can I ask to watch my stuff so I can go to the bathroom...

Why don't Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have state reptiles?

I had no idea you can fly direct from Detroit to Shanghai. Is that true?

Oh look! The wine bar has the Pinot Noir Sophia Rose from the Francis Coppola Winery in Napa. My friends and I went there last May and loved it. Can I fit a bottle in my carry-on? (I ponder this while trying the international bargain flight of wine.)

I then had a group gchat with friends in Chicago to see if there was any possibility, despite my delay, that we would be able to see Iron Man 2 tonight as planned. We develop an elaborate scheme to make it happen for the 9pm show.

Which fails completely due to the hour I spent on the plane waiting to take off for Minneapolis (i napped most of it so had no idea we were so late). And the additional two hours i spent waiting on the plane IN Minneapolis to take off for Chicago (they board the plane despite a schedule delay in case they were able to take off earlier. then there was a mechanical problem with the main cabin door. the door gets fixed - yay! but while taking care of that O'Hare was closed so now the delay is even longer - boo!). FINALLY, I land in Chicago - twelve hours late. Sigh. I watch an episode of Real World / Road Rule Challenge: Fresh Meat 2 On Demand before I go to bed. Team Kenny, for those of you wondering. Wes is a douche.

Well, tomorrow I'll start the new adventures once again. Home Sweet Home.

358 Days to go: 355 Things to Do: 3 Days in Chicago = 8 new experiences

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