Friday, May 14, 2010

When someone asks you if you're a say YES! - Winston, Ghostbusters

352 Days to go: 345 Things to Do: Day 10 in Chicago

21. Drinks at Manhattan's
22. Dinner at El Barco Marisco

Okay, there are two movies that have impacted my life beyond all others. One is Bring it On. The original of course as the sequels have all been poor imitations (some more poor than others...). But the other - Ghostbusters. To this day, I firmly believe that Ghostbusters is the best, funniest movie ever made. Ever. When I was a kid I saw Ghostbusters in the movie theater thirteen times. Thirteen. I have a very tolerant mother. A couple years ago I took my brother to NYC for his 21st birthday; we met up with a couple of my friends from Jersey and did a self guided tour of locations from the movie (excellent photos). One of the first scenes, when they are in the basement of the library, is still my favorite.  Laugh out loud funny every single time.

And frankly?  Best. Bad guy.  Ever.  Stay Puft Marshmallow man?  Brilliant.  (I actually think his expressions during the climactic final fight scene are some of the best special effects of the movie)

It was VERY difficult to decide on a title for this entry. So. Many. Options.

Ssh! Do you smell something?
There is no Dana. Only Zool.
That's a big twinkie.
I'm fuzzy on the whole 'good' 'bad' principle.
I love this plan! I'm excited to be a part of it!  Let's do it!
I find her interesting because she's a client and she sleeps above the covers. Four FEET above the covers.
Yes it's true. This man has no dick. Well, that's what I heard!

Cats and dogs, living together!  MASS HYSTERIA!
I'm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought. 
You're going to endanger us.  You're going to endanger our client.  The nice lady that paid us in advance before she became a dog.

I mean the funny just keeps on coming.

Anyway - on to the adventures of the day. First stop - post work the officemates headed down to our regular happy hour spot Manhattan's 415 S Dearborn. We had a couple office birthdays and Manhattan's is conveniently located ridiculously close to our office. It's small and dark and there are no frills. Every once and a while they try to add frills, but so far all attempts have fallen flat and rarely last longer than two weeks.  Despite all this (or maybe because of it) I love it. Usually it's not very crowded and the bartender always remembers my name. In fact, on the nights we're the only ones there he'll sometimes give us free shots of SoCo and lime (which I never knew I liked until he started working there - but - yummy). And I'm often the only one who puts money in the jukebox (BONUS).

After Manhattan's, Emily and Allison and I head to El Barco Marisco's 1035 N Ashland for dinner. I've never been here before, but have frequently thought I should go considering how fun it looks when you walk by. And I'm now happy to report it did NOT disappoint and we will definitely be going back. Allison and I split one of their two signature dishes, which consisted of rice and beans, grilled squid, octopus, breaded mahi mahi, shrimp, crab, mussels and veggies. The menu says it feeds two, but it could have easily covered three or four of us (anyone know how you reheat seafood?).  Several times while we were there one of the waitstaff would walk by carrying a tray with what appeared to be an entire, giant fish.  Later we found out that it was, in fact, an entire fish.  Snapper to be exact. 

And if the food wasn't delicious enough the pitchers of margaritas are only $9. Oh summer.

In my attempt to get up early tomorrow and go to the gym BEFORE brunch, I headed home after dinner and HAPPY DAY - Ghostbusters was on TV. Life is good.

351 Days to go: 343 Things to Do: 10 Days in Chicago = 13 new experiences 

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