Friday, May 21, 2010

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345 Days to go: 338 Things to Do: Day 14 in Chicago

28. Public Art in South President's Court in Grant Park
29. Free cupcakes at More
30. Dinner and Wine at Eve

For some reason, today I was ridiculously cranky.  At lunch I had to go for a walk to let off some steam.  My plan was to head to the lake but I got distracted half way there by some sculptures in the Park.  Artists and Automobiles is a serious of sculptures located in South President's Court in Grant Park.  I love Grant Park.  It's one of my favorite things about Chicago.  Partly because it's so big - there's always so much going on.  Like this.  I never noticed these giant sculptures before.  And I think it's terribly cool that all the land along the lake is undeveloped and open to the public (many thanks mr. montgomery ward).  I check out the art work and head back to the office, feeling a bit more mellow.  Lilies by Dessa Kirk was my favorite.

So for a little twist on happy hour, I recruit Allison and Fitz to head to the Gold Coast and try some 'cocktail inspired' cupcakes.  Let me clarify... FREE cupcakes.  That's right sports fans, you read that right.  FREE cupcakes.  I didn't know quite what to expect - 'cocktail inspired' - but these were delicious.  As you can see from the photo I was so excited about eating them I didn't wait to take the picture.  More 1 E Delaware Pl is a tiny, minimalist nook off State St (carry out only, no tables or chairs on site) and has some pretty tasty sweet treats, but they also have savory cupcakes like Goat Fig Merlot.  They also deliver nationally so check out the website.  The folks working there on Friday didn't aggressively announce the Happy Hour - 5-7 every Friday - but when I asked they filled me in on all the flavor options (pina colada, gin and juice, lemon drop, pomegranate mojito, and margarita complete with salt and lime) and let me know I could have as many as I want.  Bold.  I limit myself to just one each wasn't easy.  I'm not sure if they have the same flavors every week or if they mix it up.  I'll have to go again.  In the name of research of course.  Although hopefully the pomegranate mojito is a regular fixture because that was yummy.  And don't worry - I didn't actually eat five cupcakes, the Happy Hour samples are bite size.  Well two or three bites at most.

After we finish off the cupcakes we head a couple blocks over to Eve 840 N Wabash for some food and drink.   Mainly we landed here because there was outdoor seating (this tends to be a major factor in all our decision making over the summer).  Eve serves local and organic food, apparently the menu changes pretty frequently.  It was a little pricey, but really good.  We ordered Moroccan lamb meatballs and the mac and cheese (both of which i would order again) and a bottle of the Hopler Gruner Veltliner wine.  The wine list was pretty extensive, but also a little pricey - this was one of the least expensive bottles on the menu.  The wine was okay - little sweet for me. 

We also noticed Eve has a brunch special - $20 for food and bottomless mimosas.  It's not on the blue line, but we may have to make an exception one of these weekends.

And I guess I know what I'm doing next Friday at 5...

344 Days to go: 335 Things to Do: 14 Days in Chicago = 19 new experiences

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