Saturday, May 15, 2010

Well, I exhibit NO surprise. - Cordelia

351 Days to go: 343 Things to Do: Day 11 in Chicago

23. Drinks at Webster's Wine Bar

I didn't get up early.

And the rest of the Blue Line Brunch girls also lacked motivation, so brunch is happening tomorrow instead.  Days like this are probably why we do Saturday brunches in the first place - so we have another weekend day if we don't manage to pull it off the first time.  I do manage to get to the grocery store (woo hoo!) AND the gym.

My weekend gym is near a fabulous wine bar that is often our post-workout reward.  Webster's Wine Bar 1480 W Webster  has over 500 Wines to choose from.  Excellent wines.  But the real reason to go is the bacon wrapped dates.  These are spectacular.  The typical visit includes a bottle of red, an order (sometimes two) of bacon wrapped dates, and an order of warm brie.  If the wine list gets too overwhelming they do have flights you can try as well.  The atmosphere is warm and comfy, if a bit crowded at times.  The walls are painted dark burgundy, votive candles on all the tables, and if you can nab one of the couches you are set for the night.

350 Days to go: 342 Things to Do: 11 Days in Chicago = 13 new experiences

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